• 27 May, 2022
  • Đăng bởi: GIMO TEAM

The cooperation with GIMO to implement a new form of salary payment will bring various benefits to Cong Ha’s employees. The program is very convenient, easy to use and the statistical system is transparent. Moreover, by advancing their salary via GIMO, the employee does not have to bear any interest at all. I think it is a really remarkable and innovative financial welfare for our employees. GIMO’s team of consultants and technical experts have enthusiastically guided the company’s Human Resources Department to successfully coordinate and promote the new service to the employees. GIMO team always responds in a timely manner throughout the planning and implementation process.

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GIMO joins in with the festivities of Binh Duong’s Labor Month 2022

  • 11 Jun, 2022
  • Newsroom

From 5-8th May 2022, GIMO engages in a series of Labor Month events hosted by Binh Duong’s Federation of Labor and People’s Committee.   Joining the opening ceremony, GIMO hopes our contribution could encourage exceptional workers and somehow brighten up the lives of unfortunate ones.   Ms. Loan Nguyen – Madam President of Binh Duong’s Federation […]

The hook for blue-collar workers

  • 11 Jun, 2022
  • Home

As the economic reopening collides with a tightened labor market, businesses are squirming to attract and retain blue-collar workers.    Shortage of blue-collar labor still haunts businesses   Despite the talks of automation displacing everyone, in Vietnam, blue-collar occupations are and will still be in high demand, especially amidst the economic rebound, the supply chain diversification and […]

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